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The explosion of data in the Information Age challenges businesses to re-conceive the modern data center. Get in touch to know how Samvriddhi technicians build service offerings around the best-in- class data center technologies, then combine hardware, software and services to create a platform for private cloud, hybrid cloud, or whatever a business requires.

High-demand workloads and explosive global data growth are forcing storage solutions to get larger and more complex, pushing the scalability limits of aging media and platforms. At the same time, client-side applications and growth in end-user data demands are pushing many of today’s storage architectures to their limits of performance, availability and capacity.

Today’s new data centers rely on virtualized infrastructure, enterprise storage platforms and private cloud solutions to keep pace with performance demands. Each model provides a variety of benefits that require careful consideration and planning to meet your specific business needs and virtualization requirements.

Virtualization, storage growth, private cloud, space and environmental concerns can all be significant challenges for your data center without a strong vision.

Virtualized Infrastructure Solutions
  • Increased computing density
  • Agile and scalable
  • Cost savings

A correctly designed virtualized infrastructure will optimize workloads, reducing your data center footprint with the latest blade computing and converged networking technologies.

Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Balanced performance
  • Balanced capacity
  • Unified storage
  • Unified storage solution

Balance performance, capacity and availability by consolidating traditional storage environments into unified storage solutions.

Private Cloud Solutions
  • Shared IT services
  • Maximized IT Infrastructure
  • Agile and efficient
  • Cost savings

Rapidly provide IT services to end users through self-service provisioning while also allowing your organization to maximize your IT infrastructure and increase your ROI.

How Samvriddhi Can Help

Samvriddhi can help you chart a course with the latest technologies to manage the explosive growth in data for businesses of all sizes. Samvriddhi can architect the right solution by combining best-in-class hardware, software and services to assess, design, deploy and move your organization to the latest virtualization and data center solutions.

With these solutions, Samvriddhi provides the necessary foundation to meet the highest demands of your application workloads while giving you the flexibility to grow as your business grows. We apply a proven approach that combines hardware, software and services to create virtualized infrastructures and enterprise storage solutions that deliver a standardized, converged infrastructure able to accelerate private cloud adoption in your organization.

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Using best practices and proven methodologies, Samvriddhi works directly with your team from the initial assessment of your current state to collaborative planning and roadmap development for deployment and operation.

Virtualized Infrastructure Services

Samvriddhi begins by working with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the health and performance of your current unified fabric, computer, desktop and virtualization infrastructure. This framework allows us to create customized strategies to deliver your virtualized infrastructure architecture and creating the complete roadmap that will address your business, technical and data center requirements.

We help you deploy your solution using best practices and methodologies, providing a turnkey virtualized infrastructure to support production workloads from day one.

Enterprise Storage Services

Samvriddhi can plan and design a storage solution that fits the needs of your environment today, while also being flexible and able to adapt to future requirements. We can deploy the solution using best practices and standards as identified by the manufacturer for a fully functioning system. Then, as your data growth continues over time, we’ll be there for upgrades and expansion.

Private Cloud Services

Our Accelerator Services can help you rapidly deliver a functioning cloud computing environment suitable for deploying applications in a limited scale, pre-production environment. Our cloud specialists work collaboratively with you to design, architect and plan your roadmap to deployment of your private cloud. We can also address your virtualization, customizations and workflow orchestration to support private cloud automation.

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